What leads us back to ourselves.

It’s not possible to list all the ways creativity leads us back to ourselves, so I have started with music and art (visual). I’m not referring to the creativity that receives accolades and fame. I’m not referring to the creativity that may make money. It’s the creativity that reaches deep within us and transforms who we are on a cell level. That’s why I refer to it as an alchemical process. It changes us from one element to another. I have seen it in others. I have observed it in myself. We are no longer who we once were. We have allowed ourselves to be the vehicle of the process.

The mind’s alchemy.

How do we measure the change? Rather abstractly but measurable. Many have tried to define the mind and have found it rather difficult. It’s not my goal to define the mind; although we all have a frame of reference, (i.e.) “I’ve made up my mind.” “They’re out of their minds.” “I don’t mind.” “I do mind.” I view the mind as a combination of the cognitive brain, the emotional brain, and our higher self coming together in consensus or not, (i.e.) “My mind’s confused.” With creativity, there is a deep change to the “mind” that takes it in another direction. The creative process has opened it up to see other possibilities, other dimensions, other directions, and with that opening, a chemical change occurs. It was once operating under the fog or cortisol and is now humming away with Oxytocin.

Exploring the final frontier.

I have always been a Star Trek fan. I remember myself a young 19 years old when it first debuted on television. I became a fan immediately. The appeal of exploring a frontier that is so vast and rich with wonder and experience. We  all have the chance to explore that frontier within ourselves. That frontier is deep within us. It is our subconscious mind, our emotional mind, our limbic brain, our mammalian brain, our mid brain is the final frontier.  Carl Jung, psychiatrist, wrote “In Each of Us There is Another Whom We Do Not Know.”

Starting the Journey.

My vision for this blog is to share information, stories, resources, recent findings in psychology, neuroscience and physics; and my own experiences regarding the amazing journey of the alchemical process, in meeting the other that we do not know.